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 1. Momtaz Quality

Long Xing Company is located in Bayannaoer, Inner Mongolia, the biggest oringila place of sunflower seeds in China.There is the Yellow River moist in the south, it is surrounded by Wolf Mountain in the north. Flat terrain, abundant sunshine, sunflower seeds enjoy natural environment for the growth of output,  health and no pollution, excellent quality has safeguard.

2. High Output

Long Xing Company maily deal in sunflower seeds exporting. Long Xing has own vast sunflower seeds planting base and advanced process equipments. At present annual output up to 20,000 tons.  Future expansion of cultivated area, output volume will be higher. Long Xing is very professional munufactory and exporter, with rich experience to open market in Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, etc.

3. Good Reputation

Long Xing Company has over 20 years experience in sunflower seeds industry. Both production and processing strictly operate in accordance with natioanl standard. Quality reach the National Commodity Inspection Bureau required standard. Long Xing has obtained certifications of ISO9001 and HACCP in 2010. Also become one of the Top-Ten suppliers in China in 2012.

4. Fast Transportation

Bayannaoer is very near to Tianjin port, the biggest artificial deep water port in China. It has modern Logistics processing bonded Park. Railways, highways, aviation network rapid development, has formed a complete cross-regional logistics system, which can meet the transport needs of export trade. Export produts can be loaded to its destination after loading the container within few years.

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