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In order to adjust the work pressure, exercise the strong  willpower of the staff, enhance the team cohesion and  centripetal force, August 17-19, 2019, Bayannaoer Longxing Trading Co., Ltd. organized all the staff to go to the beautiful scenery of Baoding Yesanpo, Hebei Province. Through the development of the activities, further understanding among employees, enriching everyone's spare time, alleviating work fatigue and stress, and enhancing team cohesion and collaboration.

The first stop of the event arrived at Yugudong. The length of the cave is about 1800 meters. There are 5 floors in total. It’s spray fish before and after the rainy season, It is listed as an anecdote in the world and it is one of the “eight strange springs” in Hebei Province.

Lit a bonfire on the quiet river, singing and dancing.


Under the guidance, we came to the Baili Gorge, which has the most tourism value in Yesanpo. Bailixia is a national 5A level scenic spot. National Geopark. Baili Gorge is currently the largest and most peculiar landscape in the country. The Baili Gorge is composed of three twists and turns of the valley. The three canyons are 105 miles long, and the “Balixia” is named after it. Known as the "first gorge in the world", Baili Gorge is one of the unique scenic spots of Yesanpo. With a total area of 110 square kilometers, Bailixia is bordered by Fangshan District of Beijing and 115 kilometers away from the center of Beijing. It is one of the most dazzling pearls in the tourist attractions of Beijing.

Bailixia has also been used as a location for CCTV's "Three Kingdoms", "Red Cliff", "Looking for Qin", "Xiao Shilang" and many other film and television dramas.


The peaks in the canyon stand, the wild animals and plants are all over the gullies, and the ecological environment is primitive and natural. The peculiar structure here - the erosion of the Shibuya landform creates a warm winter and cool summer, the highest temperature in summer is no more than 22 ° C, is an ideal resort for leisure and summer. The air in the canyon is fresh and breezy,and people's image is called "natural oxygen bar". Over the years, Bailixia has shown the complex landscape, the steep mountains and the original pure natural landscape for the tourists, and it has lived up to the reputation of “the first gorge in the world”.

After the mountain path and the clear creek, we came to the ladder path. The ladder is 1200 meters high and have 2842 stairs. Under such a difficult situation, all employees and their families chose to climb the ladder. It’s fully reflect the team's hard work and unity,In the ladder we encourage each other,  and finally climb the top of the mountain together!

We are the best friends on the road, the most reliable partner in the work, the monofilament is not in the line, the wood is not a forest, we will move forward, overcome difficulties, and work together to write the legend of Longxing!

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