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Inner Mongolia---Gloden Sunflowers Delicious Sunflower Seeds


Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is the province with the largest sunflower planting area in China, and its total output accounts for 39% of the total sunflower production in China. Bayannaoer City is also the largest city in the country of sunflower production. It has become a pillar industry for farmers to increase their income in the region. About 30% of farmers' income comes from sunflower production.

Because Inner Mongolia has sufficient sunshine, the light energy resources are very rich, and the annual sunshine hours in most areas are more than 2700 hours, which has the unique natural conditions for sunflower growth. Therefore, the sunflower seeds produced in Inner Mongolia are of good quality, full of granules and rich in nutrients.

So when it comes to Inner Mongolian cuisine, the sunflower seeds produced here are indispensable. Today, I will share with you the whole process of sunflower growth.

Bayannaoer Filming


A Small Melon Is The Basis For Growth


Growth Period

Flowering Period

The Disk Becomes Larger And Gradually Matures

Every year from August to September, walking on the roads of various towns in Bayannao City, people can see the golden sunflowers growing everywhere and enjoying the beautiful scenery.


Ripe Sunflower Dish

Sunflower seeds drying

Sunflower Seeds Primary Selection

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